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           ROBERT ERICKSON                                                                                      

           Information processing: - This Section Under Construction.

           Audio-visual:  Television camera operator, stage and prop setup,  set design-decorate and construction. Control
           panelfor lights and sound mixing, equipment setup, editing and floor directing. Also 8mm film, manual and machine
           film processes, chemicals and darkroom.  Photography and xerography, collating and spiral binding.  Computer
           character generator.  Experimental computer graphics. Basic radio production.
                        -Cable Channel 4, Madison Community Access Center, Madison Wi. - 1981
                        -Complete Channel Cable Television, Madison Wi. - Customer Service. - 1981
                        -Janesville Photo Club, Janesville Wi. - 1984
                        -Blackhawk Technical College,  Audio-Visual Dept. Janesville Wi. - 1990.

           Graphic Arts:  Commercial silk screen printing: T-shirts, jackets, flat stock, labels, decals, heat transfers: build
           screens with emulsion, line camera operation, develop acetates, ect.  Dryer start-up and operation. Assist artist in
           design, custom color mixing inks, paint on canvas, computer drafting.
                       -Amateur photography myself - beginning 1965 to present.
                        -Madison Top Co. Madison Wi. - 1979
                        -IKI Mnfg. Edgerton Wi. - 1988-89
                        -Blackhawk Technical College, Janesville Wi. - 1986  and 1990

           Independent Contractor:  Commercial interior/exterior decorating.  Paint, putty, patch, plaster, drywall, glass,
           remodeling, carpentry.  Decoration consultant.  Negotiate estimates and contracts. Billing, collecting, advertising and
           PR.Concurrent proprietorship of a small scrap metal operation. Handy man, yard work, tree trimer, climber,
           ground man, ect.  for hire.
                        -Dar Ishmael Painting, Madison Wi. - 1971
                        -Superior Madison Painters, Madison Wi. -1973 -76  [Self]
                        -Rick Gerke Painting, Madison Wi. - 1973
                        -Dopkins Decorum, Janesville Wi. - 1988 - 89.

           Building Maintenance:  Part time work eves and weekends.  Floors: stripping, waxing, scrub carpets.  Dusting,
           cleaning, furniture moving, office care.  Waste removal, dumpster filling, snow shoveling, lawn mowing and general
           building upkeep.  Window washing,  phone wiring, install fixtures, electric and plumbing. Appliance and small engine
           repair.  Power and hand tool handling.
                        -Beacon Furniture, Madison Wi. - 1969-71
                        -Pizza Hut, Madison Wi. - 1974-76
                        -DnS Corp. Madison Wi. - 1976-79
                        -Northern Building Maintenance. Phoenix Az. Madison Wi, - 1978
                        -Inter.Varsity.Christian.Fellowship, Madison Chapter - 1981
                        -YMCA. Janesville Wi.  - 1985-87.

           Restaurant:  Kitchen work, soup, salad, sandwich maker. Dish washer, pot scrubber, bus boy, clean up and general
                        -State of Wisconsin, 301 Troy Drive - 1967-68
                        -Quality Courts Motel, Madison Wi. - 1981
                        -Alpine Restaurant, Janesville Wi. - 1988
                        -Hoffman House Restaurant, Madison Wi. - 1989.

            Madison East HS.  Madison. Wi. - 1969
            UW-Wisconsin, Memorial Union, Madison Wi.
                       -Mini course, Basic Apple II Computer Intro.
                                          , Fencing 1976
            Madison Area Technical College, Madison Wi.
                       - Liberal Arts, 1979,
                       - Architectural Drafting, 1982.
            Blackhawk Technical College, Janesville Wi.
                       - Mechanical Drafting - 1986
                       - Computer Drafting - 1987
                       - Learning Lab - Summer 1990
                       - Data Processing - Fall 1990.
            NOTE  :  References on request.